CleanFlow Green- and White Liquor Filters

With CleanFlow’s patented compact Green- and White Liquor Membrane Filter it is now possible to eliminate all unwanted particles in the liquor.

CleanFlow’s technology for membrane filtering green- and white liquor has the following advantages:

  • 100 % Particle free green- and white liquor
  • Easy to install
  • Low Capital cost for production increases
  • Modular system: Easy to adapt and optimize filter size and modules step-by step in production expansions
  • A CleanFlow unit added to existing equipment in a polishing position reduces particles below 2 mg/l

The patented technology is based on cross-flow filtration which allows separation of particles, thereby improving overall availability.

CleanFlow is the only supplier in the world of cross-flow filtration solutions that have stable capacity. This is thanks to our process innovations that provide our customers with robust removal of the suspended solids.”

Andreas Gunnergren, Managing Director of CleanFlow


CleanFlow’s products are CE marked – Conformité Européenne, and the CleanFlow products are assembled and Factory acceptance tested (FAT) at our Swedish plant. After the FAT the skid mounted units are transported in a container to the customer’s site, where they are rapidly erected and commissioned.