CleanFlow Solutions

CleanFlow supplies the pulp industry with proven high quality liquor filtration solutions that include state-of-the-art technical knowledge and innovations.

Each pulp mill have different needs. For some the capacity of the green or white liquor filtration is limiting. For others, the quality of the white liquor is not good enough for the requirements of their fiber line. CleanFlow has modular products that can easily be dimensioned to fit your pulp mill’s needs. CleanFlow’s products add both capacity and quality to the mill, without the need to remove any of the existing equipment. CleanFlow’s modular products are typically installed in parallel with the equipment you have today, thus minimizing down-time and with maximum risk reduction.

CleanFlow’s green and white liquor filters are compact and of the highest quality.

CleanFlow is proud of its satisfied customers in Sweden, Spain, Japan and South Africa is now continuing to grow globally.