CleanFlow AB

Solutions supplier to the Pulp industry

CleanFlow supplies Capacity increase and Quality improvement in pulp mill recovery processes. The CleanFlow team has a broad range of experiences within the pulp industry. The roots are industrial with an addition of academic and entrepreneurial perspective. Through the combination of these experiences, the ”man-power” within the business covers many areas and therefore strengthens the company as a whole.


The core team consists of:

KTH Dean, Professor Mikael Lindström and Doctor Christofer Lindgren. Senior experts in development of innovative pulp mill processes. Jointly they developed the successful Compact Cooking technology. The Compact Cooking technology is today owned and sold by Valmet and used for production of more than 30 million tons of pulp/year. Professor Lindström and Dr. Lindgren jointly hold 21 Patent families.

As an entrepreneur and chemical engineer I want to develop technologies that benefit the industry. One of the really important trends in pulp production is the efficient removals of metals in the pulp process. With CleanFlow’s particle removal solutions integrated in the recovery processes and lead the way for the next level of pulp quality and lower production cost.”

Professor Mikael Lindström, A CleanFlow Founder


Lennart Källén (CEO) and Lennart Börjesson. Experienced directors with massive experience in operating and developing highly profitable pulp mills. Experience from Aker Kvaerner, Tetra Pak, Billerud, Dynasafe and StoraEnso.

While working in pulp mills I have seen bottle necks within the filtration system and have had the goal to develop a machine that opens up the bottle neck to increase production capacity and quality

Lennart Källén, CEO CleanFlow


Malcolm Norlin and Henrik Norlin. Owners and developers of highly profitable mills in the forest, pulp and recycling business. Successfully developed the Biorefinery concept at Domsjö Fabriker, today owned by Birla.

The reason for me to be an investor in CleanFlow and participate in the excellent team are twofold. Firstly, the pulping industry is looking for improved liquors leading to capacity increase in the mills and therefore also improving profitability. Secondly, CleanFlow has developed a very efficient patented solution to achieve such results.

Malcolm Norlin, CleanFlow Investor


Per Olofsson, senior sales development professional with 20+ years of leading companies in international growth.

“The best pulp mills are always keen to add capacity and to improve quality. At the same time, all mills are different. And all want to invest their money wisely. That is why the modularity of the CleanFlow solutions is so important. CleanFlow can offer customized solutions that can also easily be increased with ore modules in the future.”

Per Olofsson, Head of Sales at CleanFlow


CleanFlow has its own manufacturing site where senior pulp machinery manufacturing staff is engaged to ensure timely delivery of high quality machinery.



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