CleanFlow supplies leading Pulp producers with state-of-the-art filters for green and white liquor. With our proven, patented technology we offer pulp mills machine equipment for particle free liquor. With CleanFlow solutions our Pulp customers achieve Increased pulp production capacity and/or Improved quality.


CleanFlow development & solutions

CleanFlow is an innovation leader within the field of providing cost efficient liquor solutions for the pulping industry. The company supplies the pulp industry with technical knowledge and innovations, particularly in the field of recovery processes.

CleanFlow develops and optimizes processes by using proven state-of-the-art technology and process equipment to improve the profitability of pulp production. With our green- and white liquor filtration solutions, pulp mills increase production capacity and quality.

Just as a kidney cleans the human body and keeps it healthy, CleanFlow solutions keep the liquors clean from suspended solids and lay the foundation for a stable Pulp production. 


We have continuously been running CleanFlow’s liquor filters in our production since 2013. We are very pleased with the performance and we have an excellent collaboration with CleanFlow.

Ulrika Kraft Stenlund, MD Ahlstrom-Munksjö Aspa Mill AB, Head of Specialty Pulp